Parks & Recreation


Zilwaukee has 3 recreational parks, where Zilwaukee residents can rent a pavilion. The Fireman’s park located across from the Fire Station on Cornell St., the Pool park located on Jones St., and the Riverfront park located by the river.

To rent a pavilion:

•Must be a Zilwaukee resident.

•Visit City Hall to fill out a rental slip, and get put on the calendar.


A deposit of $50.00 can be paid the day you come in or when you pick up the keys.

You can pick up the keys to the restrooms 1 or 2 days before scheduled rental day. You will receive trash bags at this time.



Fireman’s Park                                                                           419 W. Cornell


Zilwaukee Pool

Zilwaukee’s pool will not be open for use for the 2016 swimming season.



Zilwaukee Pool Park                                                                        610 Jones


Zilwaukee Riverfront Park

This park includes: a boat launch, bathrooms, pavilions, a bike path, playscape and seawall.




Zilwaukee River Front Park