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Thank you for recycling. Please remember NO plastic bags to hold newspapers. Plastic jams the rollers in the recycling centers; it is OK if the newspapers get wet out in the rain, they are still recyclable. Also, no styrofoam (egg cartons, meat trays, etc.) is accepted in our recycling.




Recycle calendar 2018


Garbage is picked up every Tuesday unless Tuesday is a holiday or follows a holiday. Garbage can be set out to the road after 12:00 on Mondays. It can be put in cans or bags, cans can not be bigger than 33 gallons or weigh more than 50 lbs. Yardwaste is picked up every Tuesday (unless a holiday or after a holiday) from the 1st Tuesday in April until the last Tuesday in November. Look to the Public Notice Tab, to see if Garbage & Recycling is going to be delayed a day or canceled due to weather.


Mechanical Permit App.                                        Electrical Permit App.

Plumbing Permit App.                                           Building Permit Application





Due Dates:

1st qtr. – Jan. 1st to March 31st  due May 6th/ Shut off due May 21st

2nd qtr. – Apr. 1st to June 30th  due Aug. 6th/ Shut off due Aug. 21st

3rd qtr. – July 1st to Sept. 30th  due Nov. 6th/ Shut off due Nov. 21st

4th qtr. – Oct. 1st to Dec. 31st  due Feb. 6th/ Shut off due Feb. 21st

Fees for Water/Sewer Bill: Water: $3.14 per unit (1 unit = 1,000 gallons) Water Ready:  $31.00 – Set Fee Sewer:  $26.25 – Set Fee + $5.50 per unit (1 unit = 1,000 gallons) Sewer Ready:  $20.00

If there is no water usage there will still be a bill of $77.25


Summer taxes are due without penalty on or before July 31st.

Winter taxes are due without penalty on or before February 14th.

The City of Zilwaukee cannot except the previous year tax payment after March 1st. Previous years taxes can be paid at the County.

Applications for Tax Deferments are available at City Hall.

Published Meeting Minutes

Council Minutes

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Recreation Minutes

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Planning Commission Minutes

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Application for Employment                         Board & Commission App Complaint Form                                              House Check Form

Application for Peddler License                    Public Records Request Form Site Plan Review Cover                                  02-05-freedom-of-information

Site Plan Information

Application for Site Approval                         Site Plan Review Check List


Police – Citizens Incident Report

Police Complaint Form

Police – House Check Form

Police Department Fee Schedule

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Non-Discrimination Plan

Title VI-Non-Discrimination Plan


Zilwaukee Community Fund

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