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  The City of Zilwaukee works very closely with area businesses to make Zilwaukee a more attractive place to work and live. The City has a number of characteristics considered as strengths which distinguish the community from others in the surrounding region and offer local economic development opportunities such as:

  • Centrally located within five miles of the City of Saginaw
  • Quiet Community
  • Home of the Zilwaukee Bridge
  • Central Michigan Rail Road Line and potential Rail Spur Access
  • 2.0 Miles of Navigable Commercial Water Way Channel
  • 10, 560 Linear Feet (2.0 miles) of Saginaw River Frontage
  • Access to I-75

Business & Community Economic Development

In planning for a sustainable future community, land use development, as well as economic development must be equal in consideration. Zilwaukee City officials have recently began to recognize the need to establish a plan to ensure the community’s future sustainability. There is also a growing recognition of the need for increased intergovernmental coordination, cooperation, and mutual support as presently being endorsed by Saginaw County Vision 2020 Community Betterment Program. Concerning Local Community Development, other communities including Kochville Township and Zilwaukee Township are actively participating in the Saginaw County’s Vision 2020 Community Development Program. Kochville Township is actively planning for increased manufacturing, industrial development and related activity directly adjacent to the City to the west of Venoy Road between Tittabawassee and Kochville Roads as supported by the recent expansion and paving of this section of Venoy under a Community Development Block Grant award to the City. Zilwaukee Township is also actively planning for new economic development opportunities along Kochville Road, as well as expanded but consolidated economic development at Kochville Road and the Saginaw River. Both communities are well aware of the economic development opportunities provided by the close and easy access to I-75 provided within the City, and are eager to take advantage of such in support of Saginaw Futures Economic Development Planning in Saginaw County.


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