Our Community



Zilwaukee is connected to an extensive transportation network. The City made famous from the “Zilwaukee Bridge” has I -75 running through its heart where the bridge crosses the Saginaw River. The “Zilwaukee Bridge” is approximately 1.5 miles long, has 125 foot clearance over the Saginaw River shipping channel and facilitates the movement of 45,600 cars daily in 2000. Access to I-75 and the “Zilwaukee Bridge” can be found on Adams Street. Zilwaukee is also just to the south of the I-75 and I-675 interchange, which allows traffic access to Saginaw Township, the City of Saginaw and its downtown.

Zilwaukee is connected to Saginaw Township and Kochville Township business districts via the east/west Tittabawassee Road and Kochville Road. Carrollton Township and its business district are connected to Zilwaukee via the north/south Carrollton Road. The east/west Kochville Roads connects Melbourne Road to provide access to Zilwaukee Township and the Crow Island State Game Area.


Public Transit

The Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) operates a curb-to curb service named the LIFT for senior citizens, the handicapped, and the general public. This is an advance reservation system and has a higher fare structure than the fixed route service. No fixed route service is available to the City of Zilwaukee.



A line of the Central Michigan Railroad traverses the City from north to south, connecting to both Bay City and Saginaw, and creating access to the remainder of the country railroad system. Another line of this railroad forms a dead-end spur along the Saginaw River frontage, connecting to the main line south of the City in Carrollton Township. This spur serves grain elevators and bulk stone shipping facilities within the City of Zilwaukee.


River Shipping

Commercial shipping occurs on the Saginaw River, consisting of both Great Lakes shipping and ocean-going vessels. It is necessary to periodically dredge the river to accommodate this shipping, and future dredging is contemplated by the U.S. Corps of Engineers to allow this important link to continue to function.