Parks & Recreation


Zilwaukee has 3 recreational parks, where pavilion’s are available to rent. The Fireman’s park located across from the Fire Station on Cornell St., the Memorial park located on Jones St., and the Riverfront park located by the river.

To rent a pavilion:

•Reservations must be made in person and are only for that calendar year.

•Zilwaukee residents may reserve a pavilion starting the first business day in January through January 31st.

•Non-residents may reserve a pavilion starting the first business day in February.

•Reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

•Visit City Hall to fill out a rental slip, and get put on the calendar.

Pavilion Rental Fees:

A. The pavilion rental fee for Zilwaukee Residents is $35 for weekdays and $60 for weekends.

B. The pavilion rental fee for Non-Residents is $65 for weekdays and $100 for weekends.

A $75 damage deposit will be required for all pavilion rentals and returned after the event and the key has been returned.

If special equipment such as a large tent (larger than 400 sq. ft.), bounce houses, and any other outdoor specialty equipment, etc. must be approved in the office of the City Hall prior to the reservation. If approved, a Certificate of Insurance must be provided for the event and must provide for $1,000,000 per occurrence in liability including personal injury and property damage naming the City of Zilwaukee as additional insured.

A key for the park restrooms must be picked up at the City Office during regular business hours no sooner than six days prior to the date reserved. If a city employee is called in outside or regular hours to issue a key, the emergency call-in at time and one-half wages will be charged to the person named on the reservation.

The deposit will be refunded when the following conditions are met:

A. the restroom key is returned on the Monday following reserved date,

B. all debris in the vicinity of the pavilion has been picked up and the trash removed from the park,

C. the restrooms are cleaned,

D. the equipment has been returned to the storage area.

The City DPW will inspect the area on Monday following the reserved date to verify the above has been done and there is no damage to the City property. If there is damage or the area must be cleaned up, all or a portion of the deposit will be retained and, if necessary, additional charges may be assessed to the name on the reservation receipt.



Fireman’s Park                                                                           419 W. Cornell




Zilwaukee Memorial Park                                                                   610 Jones


Zilwaukee Riverfront Park

This park includes: a boat launch, bathrooms, pavilions, a bike path, playscape and seawall.




Zilwaukee River Front Park