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♥Last pickup for Yardwaste will be Nov. 27th. 

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Join us for a leisurely group bike ride through Zilwaukee. Please make sure that your bicycle is in good working condition. Check out the event on ‘Zilwaukee Parks & Recreation’ Facebook page for more info. All are welcome.


Police News:



Ordinance Amendments


Chapter 4 Animals Amendment

The City of Zilwaukee Ordains that Chapter 4 Animals, add Article III Dangerous Dogs Page CD 4.4. Sections 4-26 Definitions, 4-27 Registration, 4-28 Exclusions, 4¬29 Standards, 4-30 Reporting Requirements, 4-31 Authority to Deputize and 4-32 Violations.

Chapter 6 Building and Building Regulations

The City of Zilwaukee Ordains that Chapter 6 Building and Building Regulations Page CD 6:51 add Division 11 Unsupervised Properties. Sections 6-154 Findings and purpose, 6-155 Definitions, 6-156 Non-owner occupied property; prohibited conduct, 6-157 Non-owner occupied property; registry.

Chapter 16 Law Enforcement

The City of Zilwaukee Ordains that Chapter 16 Law Enforcement page CD 16-1 be amended to read: Sec 16-1 General Penalty, Secs: 16-2 – 16-18 Reserved. Add Article II, Municipal Infractions. Sec. 16-19 Establishment, location and personnel of the municipal ordinance violations bureau, 16-20 Bureau Authority, 16-21 Ordinance violation notice requirements; admission/denial of responsibility, 16¬22 Schedule of civil fine/costs, 16-23 Records and accounting and 16-24 Availability of other enforcement options.

Chapter 18 Offenses

The City of Zilwaukee Ordains that Chapter 18 Offenses be replaced in its entirety beginning with CD 18-1. Article I In General – Division 1 Disorderly Conduct, Division 2 Curfew For Minors, Division 3 Alcoholic Beverages, Division 4 Drug Paraphernalia. Article II Offenses Against Public Authority.

Brush Set-Out

October 13th thru October 21st


Policy No. 98-3


Annually a City wide brush pickup will be scheduled by the DPW in the Spring and the Fall, usually in May and October, the exact date to be set by the DPW according to their work load. The City brush pickup will depend completely upon the availability of a brush chipper at any given time.

In the event of a SEVERE storm, with much tree and brush damage, a special brush pickup may be scheduled.

Outside of these scheduled times brush shall not be placed at the curb on public right-of-way except in a manner and time covered by the City’s contract with the garbage pickup service for regular yard waste pickup and City of Zilwaukee Ordinance No. 15. A notice will be sent to the resident or owner of the adjoining property. If the brush is not removed within three (3) days, a chipper may be rented and that cost and any other necessary cost will be charged to the violator. In the case of nonpayment, the unpaid charges will be added to the next July’s property tax bill. If the resident is not the owner, the owner will be notified. If there are multiple violators at any one time, the charges will be divided evenly between the number of residences, not prorated according to amount of brush.

The following guidelines will be followed for brush placement:
1. Branches will be organized neatly at the curbside in piles no higher than three feet
with branches all oriented in the same direction, but towards road; otherwise, pile
will be refused.

2. Vines, stumps, root balls and similar materials cannot be run through the chipper and
will be refused.

3. Branches intermixed with fence posts, wire or building materials will be refused.

4. Logs longer than 8 feet or larger in diameter than 4 inches will be refused. The most
efficient length to chip is 6 feet.

5. Small diameter brush larger than 1 inch may be tied in a bundle no larger than 2 feet by
4 feet and set out on your trash day for pick up by the City’s contracted trash hauler.
Small diameter brush less than 1 inch may be packaged in bags or 30-35 gallon
containers and set out as “yard waste” on your trash day.

6. The chipping crew will be allowed 15 minutes per stop, therefore, use reason in determining
the quantity you put out for chipping.

7. This service will not be used as a tree removal service and the Department of Public Works
will reserve the right to refuse pick up in instances of obvious abuse.

8. Brush shall not be brought in from property other than that directly adjacent to the curb where
it is placed. If the DPW suspects that the brush did not originate from adjacent property, they will
try to verify that it is from there, and if they cannot verify it, the pile will be refused.

ADOPTED: November 6, 1989
Amended: August 4, 1997
Amended: April 6, 1998 – Guidelines Added ________________________
Amended: 11/2/2015 Clarence E. Langschwager