Public Notices


♥ City Hall Office Hours

M-F 8-4:30





♥The 2018 Water Quality Report can be viewed at :  Click on “Community Water Supply”, then “Consumer Confidence Report Rule.”


♥Yard waste pick-up will begin Tuesday April 2nd. 

 ♥Zilwaukee Bike Riders

Join us the second Sunday of every month


@ 6:00PM

Riverfront Park

109 Front St.

Join us for a leisurely group bike ride through Zilwaukee. Please make sure that your bicycle is in good working condition. Check out the event on ‘Zilwaukee Parks & Recreation’ Facebook page for more info. All are welcome.


Police News:




Ordinance Amendments


Chapter 4 Animals Amendment

The City of Zilwaukee Ordains that Chapter 4 Animals, add Article III Dangerous Dogs Page CD 4.4. Sections 4-26 Definitions, 4-27 Registration, 4-28 Exclusions, 4¬29 Standards, 4-30 Reporting Requirements, 4-31 Authority to Deputize and 4-32 Violations.

Chapter 6 Building and Building Regulations

The City of Zilwaukee Ordains that Chapter 6 Building and Building Regulations Page CD 6:51 add Division 11 Unsupervised Properties. Sections 6-154 Findings and purpose, 6-155 Definitions, 6-156 Non-owner occupied property; prohibited conduct, 6-157 Non-owner occupied property; registry.

Chapter 16 Law Enforcement

The City of Zilwaukee Ordains that Chapter 16 Law Enforcement page CD 16-1 be amended to read: Sec 16-1 General Penalty, Secs: 16-2 – 16-18 Reserved. Add Article II, Municipal Infractions. Sec. 16-19 Establishment, location and personnel of the municipal ordinance violations bureau, 16-20 Bureau Authority, 16-21 Ordinance violation notice requirements; admission/denial of responsibility, 16¬22 Schedule of civil fine/costs, 16-23 Records and accounting and 16-24 Availability of other enforcement options.

Chapter 18 Offenses

The City of Zilwaukee Ordains that Chapter 18 Offenses be replaced in its entirety beginning with CD 18-1. Article I In General – Division 1 Disorderly Conduct, Division 2 Curfew For Minors, Division 3 Alcoholic Beverages, Division 4 Drug Paraphernalia. Article II Offenses Against Public Authority.

Parks & Recreation Board


There are 2 vacant seats on the Parks & Recreation Board

If interested fill out an application at City Hall.

If you are suffering from substance abuse or addiction:

Rehab Flyer 

Community Hall

Open House

Thursday April 25th

4:00 to 6:00pm